ARMCO Attractions

The Euro Bungee is a favorite attraction among riders of all ages! Riders can bounce on air inflated trampolines with the assistance of a bungee harness for maximum air time!
Must be over 55" tall.
Must be under 78".
The Inversion is a spectacular thrill ride that combines multiple motions into one intense experience!
Attention race fans! Compete with your friends to race remote controlled cars around our oval shaped speedway.
The Sling Shot is the ULTIMATE RUSH! Riders are secured in a two seat vehicle that is locked on the ground. When the rides bungees are stretched to the maximum position, the ride vehicle is released into their air!
Must be over 48" tall.
The Speed is a spectacular attraction that is sure to grab the attention of festival guests. This high-impact propeller ride dazzles riders with its fast action movements and LED light show.
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